Welcome To Blüdhaven 🦇: A Recap

Welcome To Blüdhaven 🦇: A Recap

In 2018 XiT Gaming LLC was established as a competitive gaming organization specializing in player development, both in the individual capacity of player accomplishment's but also in increasing one's self-confidence and mental health awareness. What began in 2018, would culminate to years of ever-growing development. 

Club Accomplishment's


XiT Gaming has monitored club progress throughout the years, tracking statistics of tournament entries and placement's. Our player's across the globe have worked diligently and we continue to monitor their individual progression each tournament. Our standard's are higher and as such, our organization is equipped with the tools necessary to recognize development area's that require more focus.

Notable Club Achievement's Include:

 CEO 2023 9th JJBreeze
Summer Jam 2023 9th JJBreeze
TWT Global Finals New Orleans 9th Shirdel
Electric Clash 2022 1st Komanda
Summer Jam 2022 5th Komanda
Texas Showdown 2022 7th Komanda
NEC 2021 5th Komanda
Summer Jam 2021 2nd Komanda
Electric Clash 2021 9th  FarEastMagic
Anime Ascension 2019  1st Squish
Redbull Seattle 2019 1st Squish
Combo Breaker 2019 9th Squish
Michigan Masters 2019 1st Squish


Diversity and Inclusion

XiT Gaming is proud to continue sponsoring talent across the globe. Since 2018, we have monitored our individual stat's to showcase progression in recognizing player's that have contributed to their local's. While we are honored to have developed talent in underdeveloped regions, we continue to monitor our effort's and develop strategies to successfully modernize our goal to become THE organization for developing talent within the Fighting Game Community. 

Each new tournament season brings a new set of challenges for our organization. As we approach the kick-off to major's, we are excited to highlight everything our organization has prepared for our community. We cannot wait to reveal 2024's showcase!


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